This is an academic blog about animal rights. The focus is on animal rights literature, the current movement, the green scare, and how animal rights is connected to other social justice issues.


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    Chipster said,

    Great site!

    I spent the Fourth of July trying to calm the fears of two of our dogs, who were terrorized by the endless noise, explosions, and concussions caused by the illegal fireworks lit off by various neighbors. Their body language, asking me to “Please make it stop!”, made me feel helpless as their “parent” and guardian.

    The other day I met a man from Texas, who said he was apprehensive of visiting a relative in Washington because “…their dogs live in the house, too.” The man bragged that every dog he has ever owned lived outside, all the time. And he expressed disgust at his relative’s vet bills when one of the dogs became ill. He told me, “My vet is named Remington” (as in the shotgun). I wish there was some way to have this guy put on a list someplace that would preclude him from owning or caring for any animals. I’m glad I am not his relative. And I feel sadness for his family, both humans and non-humans alike.

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